Our Society & Institution


The Chikodi Liberal Education Society, established in 1962, has played a crucial role in spreading education and nurturing a well-rounded and enlightened future generation. With a strong emphasis on uplifting students from rural and underprivileged backgrounds, the society has been a driving force in eliminating ignorance and providing educational opportunities.
In 2012, the society reached a significant milestone by celebrating its “Golden Jubilee Year,” marking 50 years of dedicated service. Throughout this time, the society has demonstrated unwavering commitment to its mission, and its impact has been felt across the region.With 14 institutions under its umbrella, including schools and colleges in Chikodi town, Kabbur, Karoshi, and Hirekodi villages, the society has established a strong presence in the education sector. These institutions serve as beacons of knowledge, enabling students to pursue academic excellence and personal growth.


Our nursing college serves as a pillar within our community and institution. It is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of excellence by setting high standards for our students. The primary focus of our college is to instill discipline as a core value and encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility in the healthcare department.


The vision of our institution is to prepare excellent health care providers and leaders to transform the lives of persons and communities through innovative education and health care.


The mission of our institution is to provide academic excellence by providing quality nursing education on our strong nursing commitment to practice ,research and collaboration by nurturing these qualities, we aim to prepare nurses who can thrive in a rapidly changing healthcare environment and positively impact the lives of their patients.